About DVM Industries

Using a specific project design and solution development process, DVM effectively analyzes financial, energy and environmental data allowing the end user to become informed on the proper measures to be taken to lower their operating costs and increase their sustainability position.

DVM Industries helps customers answer increasingly important questions:

  1. What is the energy usage of my facility?
  2. How can this be measured and what changes can realistically be implemented?
  3. What are the new regulatory scenarios and how will they affect my portfolio?
  4. How much does it cost to save energy
  5. What impact will my investment have and when can I expect a return on my investment?

Energy Efficiency Opportunities with DVM

Mechanical upgrades

Incentives available for motors, cooling towers, VFD’s (controls fan speed).

Lighting upgrades

LED Lighting systems can reduce over 40% of the lighting operating cost.

EC Motors

Save energy costs related to fan powered boxes, fan coil units, dry coolers and RTU-s.


Provides resistance to heat flow. Reduces heating and cooling costs.

Lighting and Boiler Controls

For automatic adjustments to external conditions, such as occupancy.

Elevator Modernizations

Upgrades in elevator motors to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

The energy upgrade projects offered by DVM Industries are available for financial incentives.

DVM is a utility market partner and cash incentive expeditor. Each state has programs in place to provide cash incentives to facilities that install systems that reduce their overall energy consumption. Each year hundreds of millions in incentives are distributed for these upgrades.

Our fees are fully contingent on securing and maximizing these payments for our clients

Invite DVM to review your projects and determine how you can offset the capital costs of your projects and lower your payback term!

DVM has been a reliable contact for KABACK Enterprises for many years. They offer accurate field audits with clear and precise proposals that allow our decision making process to flow smoothly. I have been recommended DVM to many of my personal clients and received nothing but gracious responses.

James Justice Sr. - KABACK Enterprises
EC Motors