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LED Retrofit at Republic Airport


The building

Located at 7159 Airport Road in Famingdale, New York, Republic Airport is a regional airport in East Famingdale, in the town of Babylon in Suffolk County. It has a two story terminal building serving passengers boarding charter flights to nearby cities such as Atlantic City in New Jersey. Two fixed based operators serve corporate and light general aviation customers: SheltAir and Atlantic Aviation

The Project

DVM Industries performed the replacement of existing exterior and interior lighting to improve performance and efficiency.

The project consisted in: Retrofitting Fluorescent T8 and T12 Fixtures with GE LED Lamps. Upgrade incandescent screw-in fixtures with CREE LED Technology. Replaced existing CFL with Sylvania LED fixtures Install occupancy sensors. Upgrade exterior lighting with DECO LED Fixtures. Apply for utility rebates.

Annual Energy Savings $41,777
Project Cost $80,649
Rebate Amount $ 35,741
Net Cost $44,908
kWh saved 238,727
Reduced Maintenance Costs $40,497
Payback 0.55 years
ROI 184%
10 Year Life Cycle Savings $777,830

Co2 Reduction:

Trees Planted Equivalent:

Cars Reduction Equivalent:

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