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Art Wall Retrofit at Silver Towers

Before and After

The building

The Silver Towers are twin residential buildings in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. Located at 620 W 42nd Street, on the West side of 11th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Street near the Hudson River , the 60 stories development includes a 75-foot pool, the largest in a New York City Residential Building, as well as a quarter-acre public park on the west side of the towers.

The Project

DVM Industries furnished, installed and handled incentives for the Art Wall LED Lighting Project in Silver Towers, retrofitting 285 T5 fixtures with LED T5 lamps in the 130 ft exterior art wall of the buildings.

Project Cost $65,000
Annual Energy and Maintenance Savings $35,000
Net Cost $59,300
Rebate Amount $5,700
Payback 1.6 Years

Retrofit corridor Wallsconces at Silver Towers


The Problem

The 58 stories twin residential buildings had ballasts installed in their hallways that were failing very frequently, beign changed out montly. These was causing a very high maintenance cost.

The Solution

DVM Industries retrofitted 2500 Corridor Wallsconces to LEDs, providing material, labor, and rebate management for the project.

Project Cost $300,000
Rebate Amount $75,000
Net Cost $225,000
Payback 2.4 Years
Annual Maintenance Savings $76,546

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