National Services

When your business has locations accross the United States, you need an energy upgrades provider that can offer both industry leading products and nationwide service and support so you are free to focus on your bottom line. DVM Industries is your single source of Energy Efficiency equipment solutions (LED Lighting, HVAC, EC Motors, Water Systems) and Contracting Services (Energy Procurement and MEP Services) that offer the utmost comfort to customers and employees, while delivering energy savings to your business.

DVM Industries provides comprehensive, full cycle energy efficiency solutions to a national base of customers. Our expertise permeates vatious industries, going from Commercial Properties to Health Care Institutions nationwide. Our services are tailored to each individual client. We work to understand each one of their needs and attend their demands individually.

We have analyzed, assesed and implemented energy related projects to a number of facilities accorss the country, providing turnkey solutions for multi-site, enterprise-level customers, working with local utilities accross the United States. Most of these utilities offer rebate programs as incentives to retrofit and promote other energy efficiency projects.

Our National service and Operations team provides the flexibility neccessary to meet your energy needs, by tailoring products, services and solutions from any or all of our areas of expertise and delivering quality work and excellent customer service at all times. Our certified technicians provide consistent local retrofit and installation services, and pro-actively maintain systems and deliver contracted services.

We assist our clients in accomplishing the admiistrative processes and design requirements necessary for the implementation of our client’s projects. Our team identifies and quantifies the most suitable programs for our clients by negotiating with utilities, filling out applications, arranging all pre and post inspections needed and getting rebate approvals. In addition, our fees are fully contingent on securing and maximizing these cash payments for our clients.