Project information

  • Address: 100 Riverside Blvd, New York, NY 10069
  • Type of Project: IHP Air Handlers
  • Annual kWh Savings: 94,392 kWh
  • Annual Electric Bill Savings: $24,203.00
  • Rebate Amount: $55,513.00
  • Payback: 5.25 years

The Avery Condominiums

The Avery is a 32-story residential condominium building at 100 Riverside Boulevard that was built in 2007 by Extell Development and designed by Costas Kondylis and SLCE. It has 274 apartments.

The primary goal of air handler Retrofit is to reduce operating costs associated with providing properly conditioned base-building air. This savings comes in two forms: direct savings from reduced energy use (replacing the existing blower motors with new, more efficient designs), and reduced maintenance costs realized with VFD controlled motors. The result is a re-commissioned unit that operates and performs like new. Ultra high efficiency Permanent Magnet Motors will reduce energy consumption by up to 60%. The motors will provide airflow to originally installed design specifications.

Air Handler Retrofit:
  • Take pre-install measurements (properly tension blower belt (replace if necessary) with unit panel closed, measure current (amps) from each of 3 phases, measure line-to-neutral voltage, measure blower motor shaft RPMs)
  • Removal of old blower motor.
  • Installation of new blower motor and, if required, associated VF.
  • Commission new blower motor with correct speed.
  • Take post-install measurements.
  • Review work and provide sign-off sheets to customer.

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