Project information

  • Address: 1100, 1125, & 1025 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken NJ 14619
  • Project: LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Annual kWh Savings: 160,347 kWh
  • Annual Electric Bill Savings: $28,862.54
  • Rebate Amount: $7,612.60
  • Payback: 1.40 years

Maxwell Houses Hoboken NJ

Maxwell Place on the Hudson consists of over 800 condominiums on 24 acres of waterfront property, formerly owned by the Maxwell House Coffee Company. The central focus of Maxwell Place is a waterfront park thatincludes a beach and restoration of Elysian Fields. Maxwell Place on the Hudson also features 200,000 square feet of commercial and retail space that will host luxury restaurant and shopping amenities, a fitness center, rooftop pool and garden, and 1,500 parking spaces.

The project included the replacement of existing technology to improve performance and efficiency DVM Insutries performed the following:

  • Retrofitting existing Fluorescent T8 and T12 fixtures with LED Lamps.
  • Replacing existing Compact Fluorescent and Incandescent Lamps with EnergyStar© LEDS
  • Replacement of existing technology to improve performance and efficiency
  • Applying for Utility Incentives to offset project costs.

The project included common areas in the three buildings such as: Lobby, Mail Room, Elevator, Exterior, Bathrooms, Offices, Roof, Hallways and Corridors.

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