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DVM Industries is a Turnkey Facility and Energy Solutions Company that specializes in providing services to the Residential, Commercial, Banking, Hospitality and Healthcare markets. Our portfolio of services is customized to meet the client’s needs in energy efficiency, as well as installation, service, maintenance, and post-upgrade care services. We provide achievable solutions and maximum realized savings.

Our company’s name reflects our core business:

  • Detect opportunities or issues within the facility.
  • Verify the solutions that are available.
  • Maximize the facility’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our qualified team of professionals and engineers manage the process, from concept to completion, of designing and self-performing upgrades. Some of our services include LED Lighting, General Maintenance Services, Exterior Services, Electrical, and Plumbing services. DVM has a team in-house, which allows for projects to be done smoothly, while eliminating unnecessary markups from subcontractors. This also allows us to have better control over projects and adapt to situations in the field quickly- delivering projects on time and on budget.

Our team works with the local utilities to secure grants and rebates to offset the capital investment of the Energy Efficiency Projects.

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Our Philosophy

Clients who have been with us will tell you that we have a service-focused on quality. DVM Industries’ management structure is based upon the following core principles:


    Our clients and their needs always come first. This is the foundation of our business.

  • At DVM Industries service means striving to be the best. It is our core value and is reflected in all that we do. It always means attention to detail and responsiveness to client needs – current and future.

  • We know that in a service business such as ours, we can only deliver superior service if we have the best people. So, although our organization has grown, we still select our people one by one.

  • The belief that integrity goes hand in hand with superior service has guided our business transactions. It is evidenced in our loyalty to clients and concern for their businesses, as well as respect for our employees and concern for their goals. It has helped us earn the trust of clients in almost every business category.

  • Through service and integrity, we have built a roster of long-term clients who rely on us to consistently deliver, day in and day out.

  • We take pride in our company, our work, and our employees. We recruit people who understand and share our core values, then teach them to function as a team. We invest in their training, equipping them with the latest tools and technologies.


What our Customers say about DVM Industries

DVM has been a reliable contact for KABACK Enterprises for many years. They offer accurate field audits with clear and precise proposals that allow our decision-making process to flow smoothly. I have recommended DVM to many of my personal clients and received nothing but gracious responses.


James Justice Sr. - KABACK Enterprises

Our Process

Our approach on energy solutions in simple steps:

  • 01 SITE WALK

    Survey the site with facility experts to gather information and analyze the client’s needs and opportunities.

  • Interview facilities team to study the operation of the facility and understand the goals and needs of the client.

  • Evaluate energy, environmental, operations and any other necessary data to offer turnkey sustainable solutions, as well as source reduction strategies to attain efficient energy consumption. Develop customized project design, recommendations and implementation strategies.

  • DVM will manage the project throughout its life cycle: initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work to achieve project goals. We will capitalize on government and state incentives to offset the project cost.

  • Supply materials and complete installation at the highest of standards with our skilled, dedicated, in-house electrical and mechanical teams.

  • Offer post-installation services such as maintenance, engineering and troubleshooting for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing.

  • DVM helps assist our client’s in developing the proper maintenance programs to ensure long life, efficiency and lower their failure rates.

The energy upgrade projects offered by DVM Industries are available for financial incentives.

DVM is a utility market partner and cash incentive expeditor. Each state has programs in place to provide cash incentives to facilities that install systems that reduce their overall energy consumption. Each year hundreds of millions in incentives are distributed for these upgrades.

Invite DVM to review your projects and determine how you can offset the capital costs of your projects and lower your payback term!

Our Success

Since 2012, DVM has been very successful in helping our clients go green.

  • All
  • LED Lighting
  • EC Motors
  • UVC Lighting

GE Crotonville

EC Motor and Stat project

Jamaica Hospital

LED Upgrade Exterior and Interior

Flushing Hospital

LED Upgrade Common Areas and Hallways

CBS Broadcast Center

LED Upgrade Broadcast Center and

Ed Sullivan Theater

Four Seasons

LED Lighting Upgrade


EC Motor Upgrades and Controls

1300 Union Turnpike

UVC Lighting installation

Wall Street Plaza, NYC

UVC Lighting installation

Maxwell Place Hoboken NJ

LED Lighting Upgrades


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